Fleet Washing

We've been in the pressure washing business for over three decades. If it needs to be power washed, we can take care of it! 

Bosqui's Fleet Wash services large 3000 truck fleet to small 1-10 truck fleets. Our mobile units come to your location and power wash your equipment where it's parked. We can wash tractors, trailers, garbage trucks, box trucks, step vans, panel vans, tankers, heavy machinery, dump trucks, flatbeds, pickups, and more. Besides truck fleets we also wash heavy equipment, concrete, spills, driveways, sidewalks, fuel islands, commercial buildings, parking lots, houses, and many other things. 

Our Acid Washing brightens vehicle aluminum which is often desired after a graphic removal job has been completed. (See our graphic removal services) We also degrease motors, transmissions, frames, wheels and drive trains. In keeping with environmental standards, we equip all of our trucks with water recovery systems.

Not only do we offer commercial services, we also clean houses, decks, patios, and driveways. We can remove the old stain from your deck and then stain it to make it look new again.

Here's how it all started...

In 1979 Frank Bosqui started Bosqui's Mobile Cleaning, Inc. For many years Mr. Bosqui was a traveling salesman going door to door selling everything from medical supplies to pots and pans. After quitting his job as a salesman Frank decided he was tired of working for others and he wanted to start his own business. He attended an entrepreneur show where he saw a company selling franchises called Wash on Wheels. He observed their setup and decided that he could do the same except he didn't need to franchise; he could do it on his own. With little money and no clue what he was doing he bought a box truck and miscellaneous equipment he could find and put together his first wash truck. 

Bosqui's has come a long way since those humble beginnings over fourty years ago. What started out as a one man operation turned into what today is an 8 truck fleet operation and growing. We've been pleasing customers for three decades and can take care of your power washing too. So give a call today for a free estimate and demo!