Maverick SoftWash Now Hangs and Stores Christmas Lights

When you think of the holidays, do you imagine a charmingly decorated house?

Do you picture the smiles on your neighbors’ faces, or the awe in your children’s eyes?

Would you like to take this year’s holiday decorations from cute to incredible?

We’d like to give you that magic without the stress that can come with holiday plans. Maverick SoftWash now offers holiday light installation for residential and business properties. Let us help you eliminate some of the hard work of the holiday season.

For clients who sign up with a 3-year contract, we offer free removal and storage of holiday lights. Book now to take advantage of this deal!


Benefits of Holiday Light Installation  

The holiday season is a busy time for businesses and for families. How much more time could you focus on your clients and your loved ones if you could hand over the job of decorating to a professional? We can take care of the details with minimal disruption to your property or business. Consider the benefits of Maverick holiday light installation: 

  • Avoid the dangerous practice of climbing up and leaning from ladders as you get those Christmas lights just right. 
  • Don’t bother untangling cords of lights year after year. 
  • Free up your weekends by letting Maverick handle holiday installation. 
  • Let us design a great-looking, tasteful display based on your ideas. 
  • Choose from an array of colors and decorating options. 
  • Maverick maintains the lights over the holiday season, and removes everything when the season is over. 
  • Make your home or business the draw of the neighborhood with welcoming lights that capture the spirit of the holidays. 


How the Light Installation Process Works


  • Contact Maverick SoftWash and schedule a consultation. All of our representatives offer a free estimate and design consultation. We work with you, taking your ideas into consideration and offering a few of our own to make your home or business look great. 
  • Our pricing is based on your holiday vision. We can do anything from basic lighting to a full on Griswold. We give you a comprehensive estimate of what your holiday lighting, installation, and storage will cost. 
  • Our representatives personally install lights and accessories, which we provide to you. With extensive training and the use of commercial-grade materials, we can ensure that your display is both beautiful and safe. We take care to hide cords and make your display as professional and eye-catching as possible. Our holiday lighting package can include wreaths, bushes, trees, holiday decor as well as lighting the exterior of the home.
  • We know that our job isn’t finished once the lights are up. We offer continued maintenance throughout the holiday season, coming out to service lights if necessary. We’re happy to make adjustments or replace burnt out lights at no additional charge. 
  • Once the holiday season is over, we remove all lights and decorations, pack them properly, and store them for you. 
  • We can handle any size job - residential or commercial! We offer light installation for homes, community associations, offices, hotels, retailers, shopping centers and more. 


Let the Experts at Maverick SoftWash Bring the Holiday Spirit to Your Home … 

When you partner with Maverick, you get experience, knowledge, and dependable service. 

  • Our specialists are knowledgeable and fully insured. 
  • We go beyond compliance to offer environmentally-conscious products and services.
  • We serve the entire Illinois-Missouri region … We’re happy to come to you! 
  • We install lights for both residential and commercial properties. 
  • In addition to Christmas lights, we install lighting for parties and other events. Do you have a special event coming up? We’re happy to give you a quote … just ask! 

Let the professionals at Maverick SoftWash hang your Christmas lights this year, and store them for use next year! We’ll make your property into a winter wonderland and help you become the home or business that everyone in the neighborhood talks about. 

For a limited time, we’re offering free light removal and storage for those who sign a 3-year contract.

We’re waiting to help you usher in the holiday spirit this year. Get a quote today!