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Is Maverick SoftWash the best choice for my paver sealing needs?

Your paver sealing needs can be met. We take great pride in making sure that the curb appeal of homes stands out and we do this with the layer of beauty we add with our paver sealing services. Maverick SoftWash has developed a reliable state-of-the-art method for pave sealing for surfaces that need to be sealed. With our experience in the pave sealing work we provide, we strive to bring excellence to our customers and will work to leave you satisfied. Let our Maverick SoftWash professionals come out and take care of your pavement surface needs.

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What are the advantages of having my aspalt pavement sealed?

It’s time to seal your pavement. You knew this day was coming and now it is finally here. Your asphalt has seen better days, but over time the aging has gotten the best of it. However, that does not mean that it is too late to have it sealed. With our paver sealing technique, the beauty of your pavement can come back to life. Guests will not have to worry about the ugliness of it and you will not have to feel embarrassed about why the age of it has caused it to stand out in the worst way. Along with your pavement looking better some of the other benefits of having your pavement sealed are:

  • Prevents Water Intrusion Under the Surface – Sealcoating added to your aging pavement will fill in the cracks and reduce the chances of water finding its way beneath the surface of the asphalt pavement. With this sealant filling the cracks, it means you will be able to keep water out longer.
  • Slows oxidation deterioration – Even though oxidation can’t be prevented, the pavement sealant will slow down the process. With oxidation causing the pavement to become brittle and making it easier for cracks and deterioration, having paver sealing is a good start to slowing down the aging.
  • Life of Pavement is Extended – Once you get your asphalt pavement sealed, it will last well beyond 15 years if properly maintained.
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At Maverick Softwash, we are dedicated to providing the best exterior cleaning service for our clients. We are your solution to a large range of outdoor cleaning services and we believe in leaving every customer satisfied. We take pride in our:

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Neglected pavement will lose its beauty

The Effects of Neglected Pavement

After years of aging, your pavement needs to be properly taken care of. The aesthetic beauty of your pavement leaves after years of aging and if there is no care put into it. The beauty of your pavement not only leaves, but the issues underneath the surface also begin to show as well.

  • Extensive Damage from oils or gasoline – Once oils or gasoline touches the pavement, leaving it there to stain will eventually soften it. This opens the door to quicker and more extensive damage to the pavement. Having your pavement professionally sealed will protect it from leaks or spills of this type.
  • Skid-Resistance Wears Away – As pavement ages, the tiny sand particles begin to wear away. Without the proper sealant, your pavement will turn to mush.
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