Maverick Provides Cutting-Edge Training Opportunities to our Partners in Europe

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Maverick professionals gathering

Maverick is committed to providing the highest level of training to our associates. We also believe in delivering top-notch training to others. We made good on these commitments last month as we traveled to Europe to deliver training to representatives there and attend one of the best conferences in the industry.

Discover SoftWash Training Event

Maverick SoftWash representatives first landed in the UK to take part in Purple Rhino SoftWash System’s “Discover SoftWash” event. Maverick’s own Garrett Bosqui led a training course that spanned three days and included both classroom time and live demonstrations. Designed for seasoned veterans and novices alike, the Academy Classes gave instruction on several SoftWash features, including spraying techniques, chemical blends, and environmental practices.

Our partners in the UK learned more about the SoftWash System, the gold standard in SoftWashing equipment, and the eco-friendly chemicals we use to clean and sanitize surfaces far more effectively than power washing. They gained a deeper understanding of how to best use SoftWash technology for the benefit of customers.

SoftWash Demonstrations

Time wasn’t spent only in the classroom. Maverick associates also got the opportunity to train cleaning professionals as they demonstrated SoftWashing techniques on roofs, patios, siding, wooden furniture, and other surfaces. With SoftWash technology, cleaning professionals can keep homes and commercial buildings cleaner longer. This combination of classroom learning, demonstrations, and hands-on practice helped our partners become adept at using SoftWash System equipment. This is training that SoftWash professionals can put to use right away for customers.

Interclean Amsterdam 2018

After our extensive training in England, the Maverick team headed to Amsterdam to attend Interclean Amsterdam 2018, a leading conference and networking event for cleaning professionals. There, they had the opportunity to chat with over 800 exhibitors and learn about product innovations in what is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Maverick felt lucky to take part in the conference, meet our cleaning counterparts overseas, and get a sneak peek some of the newer technologies coming available. 

Maverick SoftWash Keeps up with the Latest in SoftWash Technology and Brings that Knowledge Home to You

SoftWashing is a better alternative to traditional power washing. We use water-based, environmentally friendly chemicals to remove dirt, mold, mildew, and other debris from your home, roof, or patio.

SoftWashing uses only a third of the water that power washing uses and lasts longer. It does no damage to surfaces. In fact, the products utilized in the SoftWash System don’t just clean; they sanitize, ensuring that microorganisms that create dirty buildup are eradicated.

If you’d like to learn more about our techniques and the benefits of SoftWashing your home, please contact us. Our representatives are happy to help.

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