Lewis & Clark Boat House and Museum 

Experience History at the Lewis & Clark Boat House and Museum in St Charles, MO

In St. Charles, MO, you can experience history in person at the Lewis & Clark Boat House and Museum. Here, you can see full-scale replicas of the famous boats and learn about the expedition’s history. The museum also features exhibits about the 1804 trip. In addition to history, this museum features Native American displays and a replica keelboat. Read on to learn more about this historical attraction and plan your next trip. Read on to find out more.

Discovery Expedition

The Discovery Expedition at Lewis & Clark Boat House a museum in St. Charles, MO, is a unique, modern interpretation of the Corps of Discovery’s journey from Canada to the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can tour replicas of the Corps of Discovery’s keelboats on the lower level of the building. The museum features a flow-through design that allows for exploration of the entire exhibit. The Museum is open year-round, and the boats are often on special events and annual journeys retracing part of the route.

If you are looking for a fun place to spend a few hours, take the family to the Lewis & Clark Boat House and Museum in St. Charles, MO. This museum features exhibits relating to the expedition’s history and the ecology of the Missouri River. Visitors can also purchase books and souvenirs at the gift shop, which is staffed by volunteers. It is best to visit during the Bicentennial to enjoy all that the museum has to offer. Discover More about St Charles, MO here.

Native American displays

The full-scale replicas of the ships and exhibits about the 1804 expedition are sure to delight visitors. The museum is also a great place to learn about the expedition’s Native American heritage. Visitors can view exhibits detailing the journey of Lewis and Clark. The museum also contains full-scale replicas of Native American crafts. The museum’s gift shop features a variety of items from the region.

The Lewis and Clark Boathouse and Museum St Charles, MO is a living history museum that brings the explorers’ journey to life. Visitors can explore full-size replicas of the explorers’ keelboats, view Native American displays, and learn about various Missouri River habitats. You can also participate in re-enactments. The museum also offers fun and educational programs for children of all ages.

Missouri River habitats

The Lewis & Clark Boat House and Museum is the perfect place to learn about the expedition that shaped the Americas. The museum houses full-scale replicas of the famous boats along with exhibits that depict the historic 1804 expedition. The boats can be viewed on the museum’s outdoor viewing deck. For more information, visit the Lewis & Clark website. Once you’ve finished exploring the museum, head back to the river and enjoy the views of the Missouri River.

The museum is located on the upper level of the boat house. It is home to dioramas of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Native American displays, and Missouri River habitats. Guests can choose to do a self-guided tour or download a brochure to find out what’s new. There’s also an art exhibit that features the state’s largest indoor mural and a sculpture of Seaman and Clark.

Replica keelboat

If you’re interested in the history of the 1804 expedition, you can learn about the boats of Lewis and Clark by visiting this museum. Full-scale replicas of their boats will make your visit an educational experience. The museum also includes exhibits that detail the expedition. You can view the keelboat, which was built by Lewis, on the top of a cliff.

A two-story building houses a full-sized replica of the keelboat used by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The museum also houses two pirogues. There are also ongoing appearances by the Lewis & Clark Discovery Expedition, a nationally recognized group of re-enactors. These re-enactors help visitors understand the significance of the expedition and its journey, and they also promote living history through their appearances and educational programs.

Camp Dubois winter campground

Located near present-day Wood River, Illinois, Camp Dubois was the winter camp and launch site for the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. Visitors can see a replica of their 55-foot keelboat. In St. Charles, Lewis and Clark unloaded their supplies before continuing up the Missouri River to the headwaters of the Columbia River.

The area is also a major historical and cultural landmark. The town served as the first camp along the Missouri River, in 1804. The Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum features replica Corps of Discovery boats and exhibits about their voyage. You can even take part in the Rendezvous, an authentic recreation of the encampment, complete with historically accurate participants. Black powder rifle shoots and frontier craft demonstrations are also part of the St. Charles Rendezvous.


When is Lewis & Clark Boat House and Museum open? The museum’s opening hours vary throughout the year. The museum’s hours may differ slightly during the holidays. Hours vary based on the number of visitors. You should plan to spend a minimum of one hour at the museum. The museum features full-scale replicas of the boats that the explorers used during their 1804 expedition.

The Lewis & Clark Boat House and Museum is a living history museum located along the Missouri River. Featuring exhibits on the expedition, the museum is also home to a replica keelboat and two pirogues. The museum also features the Lewis & Clark Discovery Expedition, a nationally recognized group of re-enactors who provide ongoing appearances and promote living history. Next article.


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