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A clean deck will make your yard stand out

Take in the Beauty of Your Yard With a Clean Deck

Your yard should be embraced with the beauty of a clean deck during your time spent outside. During your family events, your deck should see the fun in good times and be welcoming for anyone who comes to visit. An unclean deck will bring a soreness to your day that will sour your mood. With the help of our cleaning expert, your deck will see beauty again and we will strive to make you happy. Call us today to schedule a visit to clean your deck.

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The beauty will come back with a clean deck

What will I gain from having a clean deck/fence?

If you have been longing for your days and nights to be spent outside with your family and friends, then having your deck professionally cleaned by one of our Maverick SoftWash professionals is just what you need to have your family time. Great memories and fun times can be welcoming with a nice clean deck. Along with the great times, other perks of having a clean deck include:

  • Increased Home Value – With a clean deck/fence, the value of your home will increase if you have plans on selling it. Many future homeowners will see the clean deck as part of the aesthetic beauty of the house and also know that they will not have to spend money getting it cleaned themselves.
  • Extended Deck/Fence Life – The life of your deck/fence will be extended with a cleaning from one of our cleaning experts. 
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Why Choose Us

At Maverick Softwash, we are dedicated to providing the best exterior cleaning service for our clients. We are your solution to a large range of outdoor cleaning services and we believe in leaving every customer satisfied. We take pride in our:

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Your deck will lose its beauty

What will happen if I neglect having my deck professionally cleaned?

An unclean deck or fence may be an eyesore, but neglecting it will eventually lead to a health concern. The unnecessary worry of having an unclean deck can leave the fear of permanent damage, but worrying about permanent damage and the beauty of the deck being gone is just a couple of things to be concerned about.

  • Bacteria Buildup – An unclean deck can develop bacteria that grows into disease over time. With pets, bare feet, and people trafficking across the deck eventually the germs and bacteria will take on a new life form, turning into a disease.
  • Hazardous Slip and Fall – Organic growth of bacteria can increase the chances of a slip and fall. The growth after a while becomes very slippery, making it a walking hazard for anyone moving across it if it has built up on your deck.
  • Lifespan Shortened – The lifespan of your deck will be shortened from the bacteria and erosion if your deck is left unclean. 
wooden deck steps after cleaned
wooden deck steps before cleaned
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